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The number of orphans and children deprived of parental care is one of the criteria that define the condition of children's rights and welfare of the state.


I watched a video “Out in the open...” (see “Gallery” – “video archive”) once. The last title STRIKES YOU: while you were watching this video, another child in Ukraine became an orphan... and the video only lasts 16.5 minutes...


The system complies with the values ​​of society. The situation that has developed in Ukraine and many post-communist countries is defined by multiple issues, including spiritual and historical. The structure was trying to globalize everything: everything is common, children are common too (meaning nobody’s). Over the 70 years of commune it was important to form a COMMON opinion, separate fathers and children (under any pretext: enemy of the people, politically dangerous (oftentimes Christian parents), the policy of the Party was to make children good and obedient communists, there was no place for God, family values, personality, personal opinion, etc.


The Bible tells us in Malachi 4:6 – “He (God) will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers”.


Right now we are living in the time of the end, time of freedom and democracy. It is important for each person to be protected in the family. It is especially important for children to be protected, because their character, philosophy and understanding of adults, “adult” world, etc. are just being formed.


There is a difference in evaluation of criteria for the child's needs in post-communist countries (clothes, shoes, food) and most other countries (the child should be happy!)



The purpose of these statistics is to show the real picture of orphanhood in Ukraine. These data indicate that the problem can be solved if the Church mobilizes its forces.


State of the problem of orphanhood in early 2009

103 thousand of orphans and children deprived of parental care (including children under guardianship, in foster families and FTCH)

275 public child care institutions (53 boarding schools, 115 orphanages, 48 baby homes and 56 children’s homes)

About 30 thousand orphans and children deprived of parental care are in public childcare facilities (31% are children up to 7 years old, 89% are children from 7 to 18 years old)

19.7 thousand children were adopted into families in 2008 (2087 were adopted by citizens of Ukraine, 1585 were adopted by foreigners, 13755 were taken under custody/guardianship, including within the family, 2303 were taken into a foster family or FTCH)


Today in Ukraine there are:

28.5 thousand Christian churches and prayer homes

(of which 9.7 thousand are Protestant/Evangelical Church)

More than 280 Christian missions

More than 400 Christian rehabilitation centers


The consequences of residential care:

Only 16% of graduates of orphanages have a family

Only 25 % of graduates are employed permanently

Only 1% of graduates get higher education

Only 44% of graduates get specialized technical education


After leaving residential institutions over the first five years (according to the data for the Russian Federation)

One in five pupils becomes homeless

One in two pupils resorts to illegal actions

One in seven attempts suicide


Fears the children have after leaving the orphanage:

76% of children are afraid to leave childcare institutions

70% believe that they will not be able to get a good education and the profession they dream of

52% are afraid that they will not have a place to live

54% worry that they will not have enough money for transportation, food, medicine

50% think that they will not be able to get a job

30% are afraid that they will end up alone, without support

27% are afraid to fall under bad influence

26% are afraid of negative attitude towards them in comparison with children who grew up in a family

19% are afraid to go to the outside world and live independently because it will require a change of behavior, habits and the way of life they got used to

10% are afraid of having to live with a stranger, even if it is their relative

18% do not know and can not imagine what it is like to live independently


What I need to be able to do, but I can not (thoughts of the graduates):

Live by myself

Not to be ashamed of the past

To be able to spread money for a month

To buy clothes/shoes

To pay the rent

To support myself financially, eat independently

To go to different offices

To find friends

To organize my leisure time, to communicate with others

To live with neighbors without conflicts


Think about it:

103 thousand orphans

70% of them dream of having a real family. Who can bring those dreams into reality and bring healing to their hearts but those who are adopted by God?


Spiritual causes that give rise to the issues of children without parental care

The problem of street children in Ukraine is caused not only by economic hardships or social disarrays; it also has very serious spiritual reasons.


1. Lack of faith in God and accountability to Him for your own children.

2. Destruction of family values for several generations.

3. Negative effects of television on the formation of children's perception of the world.

4. Killing of children in the womb (abortions).

5. Indifference of society to the fate of the younger generation of children.

6. Curse that came upon our people for crimes against families and children of Christians and Jews.


In this regard, we believe that every child and family need not only material, social and psychological assistance, but also the opportunity to know the love of God, to accept Christ and to grow spiritually.


The information was taken from the following sources:

Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine

Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports

Ukrainian Bible Society, etc.

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